time management
Time Management System

atCom Time Management System is an application solution that is designed to be a complete time attendance recording system for ease of use and fast access to employee attendance information. Managers and administrative staff can be setup with unique permission to get real-time access to the time clock software to review and edit employee time records, approve overtime requests, time off requests, manage schedules and generate variety reports. AtCom Time management Systems can cut payroll preparation time to half. More time for you, less time on payroll.

  • Flexible database handling
  • Overtime calculation
  • User-defined formulas to capture varying work-pattern, shifts and days
  • User-defined management can controls reports
  • Allowance calculation
  • Integrated with atCom Payroll to process the salary automatically
  • Integrated with your current time clock without changing them
  • Help to increase your efficiency and productivity
  • Time management helps in better planning and better forecasting
  • Assist the organization to keep an eye on time spent by employees on certain tasks
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